Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 94.1

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A Night in the Clouds.

Woke up at 7am, the tent was damp from the morning condensation. Clumsily unzipped the door to take a peep outside, still snugged in my cozy sleeping bag. What I saw with my half-opened sleepy eyes propelled me into a frantic fumbling for my gears. As I exited the tent with DD still sound asleep inside, a celestial picture greeted me good morning. We were in the clouds on the Alps.

The sun seemed a little late for June, must have took a while longer for it to rise above 3000m+ Alps range to come into view.
The view of the clouds shrouded Alps from an altitude of 2300m+ was no less breathtaking than from Eggishorn's 2926m summit seen yesterday. The air tasted dry but refreshing to my lungs. The below photo probably epitomized the essence of that morning, which a fellow photography friend whom I met in Lofoten, Patrick Un, gave the following entertaining and imaginative take that deeply humbled me. Quote: "imho, what most interesting is the sense of layers and views: there it is the top cloud-coverage, then suddenly it opens a view so deep! into the infinity, inviting u to look into, inviting u to ponder, to marvel, to consume it! then suddenly, there is this serpentous mountain roads conveying the sense of reachability, like telling us: "hey u might think that u'r in heaven already, but hey hey nope, jolly boy, we r still on earth, u can actually come here by car :)", the this rock massively dominating the foreground, juxtaposing to the view of depth just up the serpent road, the rocks really fulfills the scene by lending it the feel of nearness..." He is always so well articulated in his narratives, I wished I could write like him. Thanks Patrick, if you are reading this.

The essence of that morning stunning glimpse into celestial world.
Breakfast was cookies, biscuits and energy bars. By the time we had finished breakfast at 8am , the tent had already dried and ready to be pack. We could not risk hanging around for too long lest the mountain rangers discovered us. 10 minutes later, we were ready to embark on the 4hr hike down the mountain to the town of Fiesch.

Airing the damp tent was not the bit difficult. Given the slight wind and dry air condition, it was dried within minutes while we had our breakfast.


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